Thursday, June 16, 2011

Long time coming.

Wow-o-wow. What a game. What a series. What a season. Timmy is a beast and a wizard all rolled into one.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Another Bash come and gone...
So we had the bash yesterday.The turn out was pretty good and from what I'm told everyone had a good time.It started out like this...I had to be in N.B. at about 10:30 am to meet Jay at Choppahead to zip my trans back together so I head out early to start gettin ready for the shindig.I got down to Gilda's a little after 10 and set up our shit,talk to Stubbs,the man on the grills for a sec and headed south for New Bedford.

I got to the shop right on time and we got to work rippin out the junk and fixin up the rusty trump.
After a few hours of wrenchin Jay,with a little help from me had her all buttoned up and out the door,your the man Jay,you saved my ass!!
I got it locked down in the back of the pick up and headed for the highway.Half way back to town I hear a pack of bikes comin up behind me so I look back and catch Butcher Shop Dennis blowin by me with some of his buddys.I dropped in behind them and headed to Gilda's.
I got theres a few minutes late but it all worked out in the end.We sold a bunch of shirts and got to see a bunch of friends.Grail from Knucklebuster came down and hooked us up with a bunch of T's to auction off,thanks again man,Anyway,long story turned out to be a great day,good peeps,cold beers and plenty of bikes in the mix.

Thanks to everyone who came out,helped out,or just burned out!
Catch you in Laconia!

Friday, June 3, 2011



Hey New Englanders, come join me tomorrow in Marion, MA to support our friends at Masshole Moto who are getting ready for the Laconia Build Off. I'll be giving out free Greasebag Posters and handing out flyers, plus we'll have some t-shirts in the raffle as well.

Get more info here:

Get into it and support your local grassroot events.